Using a Chiropractor to Lose Weight

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I have been overweight most of my life. I know that I cause my own health issues because of the extra weight, but I just seemed to have a really hard time controlling my hunger. Also, because of my weight, I was not able to go to the gym and exercise because it just hurt too much to use the equipment. When my sister told me I should contact a chiropractor in San Jose about my weight problem, I wasn’t sure what she meant. I do have lower back pain, but she was talking about more than just that.

I was intrigued though, so I asked for more details. She is the only one I am completely honest about when it comes to my weight, so I knew that she had probably done some extensive research on it for me.…


Skin MD Laser And Cosmetic Group Adds CoolSculpting And Venus Legacy

July 20, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical


(Peabody, MA)–Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group, a premier Massachusetts-based laser rejuvenation firm, has recently announced that they have added CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to their offered services. The treatments are designed to help patients eliminate fat and smooth and tighten the skin. To learn more about how each procedure works or to get more information about what Skin MD has to offer, please visit their website at

Katie Murphy, a partner at Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group and the company’s Executive Vice President of Operations and Sales, stated “We are very proud to be able to add CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy to our service offerings. With summer just around the corner, many patients are looking for a way to get ready for the beach. These procedures, when used in combination with each other, have the potential to give patients the body they really want without having to worry about the safety issues or downtime that come with surgery.”

Cool Sculpting is a body contouring procedure that helps patients get rid of stubborn, unwanted fat by essentially freezing fat cells so that they will eventually cease to function and then die off. A variety of treatment applicator sizes can effectively eliminate fat everywhere from the stomach and inner thighs to the neck and the love handles. CoolSculpting can be used in conjunction with Venus Legacy, which uses multi-polar radio frequency and Pulsed Magnetic fields to produce soothing heat on the skin. In turn, this heat smooths and tightens the skin, helping to get rid of wrinkles and smooth out cellulite.

As Murphy goes on to say, “CoolSculpting and Venus Legacy are two of the most innovative treatments on the market, which is a huge part of why we are now offering them at Skin MD. They are beneficial for patients because they require no invasive action, no dieting, and no exercise. Our patients can finally get rid of the fat from their problem areas and have smooth skin that will allow them to enjoy the summer heat without worry.”

About Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group:

Under the direction of Dr. Paul Flashner, Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is staffed by highly experienced Registered Nurses and Aestheticians, who are leaders in the field of non-invasive aesthetic rejuvenation. They offer laser services for patients of all skin types and conditions with state-of-the-art laser systems. Their skin care services blend non-invasive technologies, injectable and laser therapies into a highly customized aesthetic care plan designed and developed by their medical team. The mission of Skin MD Laser and Cosmetic Group is to partner with patients to look, feel and be their best while providing them with the most superior treatments in non-invasive aesthetic medicine today.



A Quick Overlook of Supplements – Your Cheatsheet

July 20, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical

Glutathione: Its Benefits, and Increasing Your Body’s Supplies

Glutathione is a very simple molecule naturally and consistently produced by the body. Its building blocks are proteins or amino acids, specifically glutamine, cystein and glycine.

So what is it about glutathione that makes it worth a full-length article? Only one answer can be given: it is the king of antioxidants. In fact, when it comes to health, there is nothing in the body that is more important than this molecule. It is the biggest force in our immune system. It is the secret weapon against different illnesses, such as heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. It is also very effective against aging, which is why it is very popular among women.

All of these are possible because of glutathione’s ability to reprocess other antioxidants. Picture the body fighting off free radicals by first subjecting them to vitamin C, then vitamin E, then lipoic acid, and then finally, glutathione, which neutralizes them before recycling the other three oxidants that worked during the process. After this, the body regrows another glutathione molecule and we are good as new.

The problems occur when there is too much oxidative stress or too many toxins that deplete our glutathione reserves. As a result, our bodies become weak against free radicals and infections. This will make us sick or sicker, and our health will begin to deteriorate.

The good news is, there are many ways to boost our glutathione levels, starting with the following:

1. Eat the right foods.

Milk thistle is abundant in silymarin, an antioxidant compounds that helps your liver maintain high levels of glutathione. Fruits and vegetables are also rich in the master antioxidant, with those consumed raw having the highest amounts, and it’s the same with eggs and dairy products.

2. Include bioactive whey protein in your diet.

Bioactive whey protein contains large amounts of the amino acids required for glutathione synthesis. But remember, “bioactive.” You need the whey protein to be bioactive and made of non-denatured proteins, which means normal protein structure is intact (as opposed to denatured). Make sure you consume non-pasteurized and non-industrially produced milk with no hormones, antibiotics or pesticides.

3. Exercise everyday.

Yes, exercise increases your glutathione levels and gives your immune system a boost. You can begin with 30 minutes of daily aerobic exercises such as jogging or walking. Strength training for 20 minutes three times a week also helps.

4. Take glutathione supplements.

This is the easiest and probably the most effective way to maintain good glutathione levels in the body.. Why? Because it’s so easy to pop a pill, and it may be the only thing we can do with consistency, considering how busy life has become for all of us. Finally, if you’re thinking of buying glutathione supplements, just make sure you know your vendor. Fake products aren’t just ineffective; they can also endanger your health.

Source: The importance of Glutathione


The 10 Commandments of Cures And How Learn More

July 20, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms – Helping You Find a Way To Make Sure They Don’t Get Worse

When it comes to men, you should know that being impotent is one of the conditions that are becoming more rampant. It has been one of the conditions that has existed for a very long time but it was hardly discussed among the society. When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction, he won’t be able to have sex because he cannot maintain an erection in a normal manner. At present, even young men are known to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to this condition, many people are led to believe that only the older people are the ones who suffer from this. But the truth about this is that it can happen to anyone, even to those who are still in their twenties. Men who are suffering from this condition often feel a lot of stress about it and it can really bring a lot of problems when it comes to their relationship. And because of the stress, they are often no longer able to have sex. Sometimes, in order to be able to have sex again, men seek therapy help in order for them to be able to release the stress they have. All over the world, you may be shocked to find that there are millions of men who are suffering from this kind of condition and their numbers are increasing each year.

Among the common symptoms of erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot normally control his erections during sexual intercourse. Even when the man has all the sexual desires, the erection just won’t come. The average time for sex is what normal sexual intercourse time means. You don’t immediately conclude that you have an erectile dysfunction when you are not able to get an erection on occasion. There could be other conditions and factors that could be causing this event.

You should know that this kind of condition has a cure so there is no need for you to panic. Simply pay your doctor a visit and tell them what’s going on. If you really are suffering from erectile dysfunction, the doctor will be able to tell and will recommend treatments immediately. You may need a prescription but there are times when you don’t. You should not hide anything from your doctor.

If you have any heart condition, you should tell your doctor. Stress level reduction can also help remove symptoms of ED. You will be doing yourself a lot of good when you release stress build up every once in a while. Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be lessened when you take good care of your body.



Mens Supplements Reviewed Issues New Report on Low Testosterone in Young Men

July 20, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical


NEW YORK — Mens Supplements Reviewed released a new report on the most common causes of low testosterone among young men. Available now at, the new report also includes an overview of the existing treatments for the problem, along with possible side effects associated with each. As a leading authority on safe, legal fitness and health supplements and related topics, Mens Supplements Reviewed regularly releases informative reports of this kind.

“Whether the problem manifests itself as difficulty with putting on mass at the gym or a simple lack of energy, low testosterone is a subject of increasing concern to many young men,” Mens Supplements Reviewed representative Gary Mendez said, “Our new report details the most common and significant causes of this widespread issue, most of which our readers can guard against in their own lives. It also shows how there is plenty of hope for those who already suffer from this problem. We think this new report is going to make for valuable reading for many.”

Responsible for everything from the development and maintenance of the male reproductive organs to the building of muscle mass and increased bone density, the hormone testosterone is a pillar of health in men. After about the age of the thirty, though, levels of the testosterone in the body can be expected to decline consistently, with losses of around 1.5% annually being considered normal.

While older men are therefore most often advised to adapt gracefully to this natural process, relatively young men sometimes experience the same deficits. In some young men, natural testosterone levels can be a fraction of the expected, healthy averages for a given age, an issue that can lead to problems ranging from depression and a basic lack of energy to an array of acute physical issues.

The new Mens Supplements Reviewed report on low testosterone in younger men points out the most common causes of this increasingly apparent problem. Ranging from environmental factors like exposure to the almost-ubiquitous organic compound bisphenol-A to lifestyle-related issues like obesity, many of these contributing causes can be minimized or avoided entirely. The new report also includes an overview of the existing treatments for the issue, including safe, legal supplements that may be of help.

The new report is available now at the MensSupplementsReviewed website. Visitors to the site will find a wide range of similarly useful reports and guides of other kinds, along with one of the Internet’s deepest collections of fitness and health supplement reviews.

About Mens Supplements Reviewed:
Cutting through the misconceptions and delivering clear, useful information and perspectives on safe, legal supplements, Mens Supplements Reviewed helps readers make the most of their lives and meet their fitness, health and muscle-building goals.



Wellness: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

July 19, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical

Why You Need the Proper Wound Care Materials

Human beings, on the average, are least likely to be excited or elated to get cut or have an open wound. You can have a paper cut, a gash from a sharp-edged object, an open wound from a kitchen knife, or a really threatening injury from a rusty metal that’s poked you – none of them are ever okay. You are probably accustomed to shrug off most wounds that do not impose serious harm but be wary of those who actually do, like getting punctured by rusty metals or anything that is chemical-ladened. Since being lax about the fatality of a wound or a cut can possibly be a huge gamble you would not really want to bet on, it is imperative that you are knowledgeable in the basic and proper procedure of wound care and also have the necessary materials for it.

In a nutshell, a first aid kit would contain several bandages, wraps, band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, surgical tape, etc. The contents of a basic first aid kit are used to treat small wounds or cuts that do not impose serious threat. Small wounds or cuts are exceptionally easy to care for. In fact, all you would need to do is have it rinsed by running water, disinfect using your hydrogen peroxide, and cover with either a band aid or a bandage. The purpose of the hydrogen peroxide is to thoroughly clean your wound to prevent infection and also cease the bleeding. However, prolonged exposure might induce some damages to the skin so avoid excessive and unnecessary use. To improve your first aid kit, you can also include antiseptic wipes. These wipes are very convenient and can be used as a substitute for hydrogen peroxide or other disinfectants during desperate times.

For wounds or cuts that are more serious, you would also need to have a greater approach in order to take care of them. It is best to consult a medical expert or doctor that can properly assist you when you have a wound or injury that would require a cast to heal. Since the cast protects whichever body part you have injured, it also requires you to look out for the cast itself, in order for it to do its purpose. To increase your cast’s longevity and avoid the hassle of rigid pre-cautionary steps, you can follow some simple tips and procedure. For instance, you can make use of a cast wrap to help you. The purpose of the cast wrap is to protect your cast from chipping and keep it intact. It is also necessary to change your cast wrap regularly for sanitary purposes. The use of a cast wrap highly increases the life span of your cast and serves as extra protection.

If you find yourself with a wound, be it big or small, keep in mind that the best way to care for it is proper treatment. Also remember that having the proper materials is as …


How Chiropractor in Kent WA can enhance wellbeing

July 18, 2016 Abey Yaar Health & Fitness

The principal point of preference of alluding your case to an accomplished Chiropractor in Kent WA is that you will get to an improved level of general prosperity. From minor to major, all a throbbing painfulness will be dealt with comprehensively. In any case, it is critical that you search for a dependable and praiseworthy Kent Chiropractors why should authorized practice in Kent. Chiropractic specialists trust that by making corrections to spinal joints, the weight on joint related spinal nerves gets soothed and the torment is decreased altogether. Such torment help is longer enduring and delivers other auxiliary medical advantages, for example, expanded resistance. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of neck, back or shoulder agony, allude to a prepared Kent Chiropractors today.…


Finding Similarities Between Counseling and Life

June 29, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical

A Quick Guide to Counseling Services

Humans are sensitive beings that is why when we experience something that causes us to have traumas, memories and patterns, we tend to lead our life and our behaviors astray hence, making us unhealthy. As such concern arises, it is better for them to seek the help of a qualified professional who are well-trained and well-educated about such problem that it is possible for them to know the root cause of all the problems that a certain individual have. And in order for this individual to create a strategy that can help them start a new and healthy life by coping up, these professionals are also willing to extend their help to these people. The professionals that I am referring to in this article are the counselors. Talking about these counselors, the one thing that they are known for is being professionals who have the ability to offer counseling services to their clients.

As for those individuals who aspire to become a professional counselor, the first step that they must take is to attend classes about social issues, in psychology and other related courses that tackles people skills and ability of resolve conflicts. Speaking of counselors, they are professionals who are different from psychologist and they are not them. Counselors are not medical professionals though their expertise is in the field of counseling however psychologist are medical professional that can also counsel people. Speaking of professional counselors, they are someone who focuses on helping people to solve their life problems as well as their emotional concerns.

There are various types of issues that people are facing everyday which can possibly be manage and resolved with the help of professional counseling. The issues being mentioned above includes phobias, smoking cessations, people management, lack of self-esteem, and other concerns that deals with the people’s emotions. Counseling is like a healing process that helped and resolved the life issues such as grief, life changes, public communication and family services that every people experiences. Oftentimes, when a person is in a romantic relationship or is married to his or her partner, they may find it good to attend counseling services offered by counselors. Who knows, there might be major concerns that can cause problem or issues with your relationship with your partner. In a relationship, there could possibly be issues that you and your partner have which deals with respect and boundaries. For an instance, when a couple has a misunderstanding and they cannot resolve the issue by themselves, then they will need someone to act as a mediator who can provide neutrality which is important in order for them to resolve their issues. Since counseling issues from couples has been growing lately, as new form of counseling service named couples counseling has become more and more popular these days. Couple counseling has done a lot of effort just for the relationship, marriages and couples to be saved.



Short Course on Counselors – Covering The Basics

June 29, 2016 Abey Yaar Health Care & Medical

A Quick Guide to Counseling Psychology

The process of receiving vital advice on problems faced by individuals or groups of people from an expert is called counseling. A counselor is the expert who possesses adequate training in the specific field of expertise. Most of the time when the topic of counseling is raised, many people think of marriage issues, drug addiction and other vices that an individual might be suffering from. However, this is far from the truth since there are many diverse reasons, both negative and positive for seeking counseling services.

The counseling process commences after individuals accept that their lives are riddled with challenges that may be too large for them to solve them on their own. Living in denial might make it very difficult for a counselor to issue counseling services effectively. This therefore means that affected persons must be willing to take counseling services and equally be willing to accept the presence of a problem in their lives.

To achieve set goals at work counselors employ different methods. First of all there is the method that entails the counselor interacting with one client face to face. Secondly, the counselor may engage a group of clients who are willing to share their problems in a group discussion. The last formula entails the counselor giving specific tasks to a group of people with similar problems for them to brainstorm on solutions without the presence of the counselor.

Counseling services are sought for different reasons. Major negative changes in people’s lives are the greatest causes for people to seek counseling services. These events may include: divorce or separation, financial problems, and unprecedented health conditions. Events such as the ones described above lead to another reason for seeking counseling services which is depression.

Though it might appear to be ordinary, anxiety does lead many people to seek counseling services. Situations like impending first public speaking events and facing life phobias like flights do cause some people problem hence leading them to seek counseling prior to handling the situations. In such situations, the counselor is charged with the task of helping these people to build on bravery while shelving their fears.

Addiction is the main reason why youths seek counseling world over as established by research. Many youths get addicted to things like sex, drugs and alcohol. Low self-esteem is another factor affecting youths which can lead to serious consequences. It is for this reason that low self-esteem should not be taken lightly and concerned parties should act in haste and seek counseling services.

Due to the fast pace of life in the twenty first century, we must live with the fact that many people may be weighed on heavily by life issues leading them to seek counseling services. In order for people to live well, experts posit that people should seek counseling services however small the problem in question is.



I need to get rid of the stress

June 4, 2016 Abey Yaar Health & Fitness

There is no doubt that if I visit a chiropractor, I will get rid of the stress that has been making my life difficult for the past 3 weeks. However, I want to make sure that I actually visit a chiropractor who is known to be able to eliminate stress in no time. When I think about it, I might as well visit the website of Dr. Nowak. From what I've heard, he is a great Chiropractor in Buffalo NY who has been trained to provide people with therapies that can help them get rid of pain in no time.…


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